As the first member of my family to get a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s, I recognize the importance of education. It is crucial for our children to be prepared for the jobs of the future so that they can compete in the world market. Our economy depends it.

I will work for:

  • A first-class education for all our children, not just a lucky few
  • Affordable higher education; we must stop raiding higher education funds. Our universities have been cut over $200 million in the last few years alone. They cannot further cut budgets without sacrificing quality and accessibility for students. Further cuts will economically depress our state
  • Teachers to be better supported and prepared so that they can best educate our children to be the leaders of tomorrow

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  • commented 2016-08-15 06:40:58 -0700
    What are your views on the Criminal Justice System linked to public schools?
    How would you get universities to reduce the over charging of tuition?
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